What a Monday Says

Today is Monday.

Many people deem Monday to be just another…well…Monday. That day at the beginning of the week where requirements, deadlines and just stuff is expected of us. Oh Mondays. My Monday has been pretty regular so far. I woke up, read my Bible and went to school. I worked on homework, went to class and that headed over to Red Robin to work. After work I did more homework and when I finished what I set out to do, I found myself singing a song that I had been listening to yesterday. And so I opened the link, watched the video and listened to the words of Leeland singing ‘I Wonder’.

Check it out:

I love this video. Not just because of the pretty lights and the beautiful videography (although those things do really penetrate my heart). No, I was captivated because this video was one of real, raw worship. Of our real, raw God. The words ‘I Wonder’ make me ask, “How often do I wonder at Gods creation and His love?” Something to think about…it is simply wrong to let the things of our days get in the way of worshiping God. Let us not become so ‘used’ to His love or creation that things of glorious beauty fall on our blinded eyes. Let’s wonder together at His beauty. He is awe-inspiring.




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