Just South of the Border

In September I went on a mission trip to Mexico with my friend Cameron and my boyfriend Jack. This was an independent mission trip in that we did not go through any organizations or with any groups and the it was self funded. It was quite the adventure to say the very least. If was fun, exciting, new and -yep, you guessed it- exhausting. Have you ever been exhausted but not just because of the daily grind of deadlines and due dates? (My english essay calls to me even as I write) This exhaustion was of another form altogether–it was similar to what you might feel when you’ve worked out really hard and you hurt because of it but that hurt is a good hurt. Well, this trip gave me the feeling of a good hurt and a good exhaustion. It also threw me for a loop in that it was everything I didn’t expect and exactly everything I needed to see.


We began our journey in Bellingham, Wa where we got up and went to the airport at 4:00 am with a backpack a piece and a 50 lb duffle bag loaded with Spanish Bibles and clothes for the kids of the cities. We then took a plane to Seattle, and then a plane to Portland, and THEN we took a plane to San Diego where we hopped a bus and went to the Trolley. Once on the Trolley we went all the way to the border and walked across the border to Tijuana. Once we were in Tijuana we got on another bus and rode that down to Ensenada where, due to some crazy events and mishaps, we ended up getting a ride to the YUGO Ensenada Outreach ministry location.

This is Rhonda, talking with Cameron.

This is the house that we stayed in. The YUGO ministry is truly an amazing ministry. When teams come to the YUGO mission they spend a week building houses and doing community projects for families that are then plugged into a local church to be discipled. Every family that is ministered to gets a bible. This is where we dropped the majority of our bibles and kids clothes.  After traveling ALL DAY we were finally (around 9:00 pm) able to have some authentic Mexican Tacos. So. Good.


After our one day stay in Ensenada, we made our way to La Casa Hogar, which translates to “The House Home”. This is the standard name for orphanages in Mexico.


Once we got there, we were able to meet the kids, hang out with them for a while and learn a bit about La Casa Hogar. The tour was great. One morning, when the kids were in school, we got to go into town and give ourselves a tour.


I love this truck. It’s fabulous.


Many people have come to Uruapan to do outreach.





Cameron and Jack, in their quest for ‘manly work, were able to help build a play house of sorts at La Casa Hogar. They loved it.







There were puppies. Perritos!


We got to go to La Iglesia. We met some wonderful people there. In the middle are Katie and Fabian. They stayed with us in Casa 3!


Jack taught Jose hose to play the guitar. He did quite a few lessons while we were there.


Sunset at La Casa Hogar.


This is the boys in the Astro-Van. We almost died in this on numerous occasions. You might think I’m kidding. I assure you people: This is NOT a joke!!!


We went to the elementary school and helped to clean up their school yard. We removed 5 trash bags of trash and dealt with wood with rusted nails, broken glass and broken bottles. Jack re-build their playhouse. They promptly destroyed it the next day to our amusement.








Sandra and I! She’s wonderful and so full of life. She loves to laugh and play pranks…..



There was a language barrier. She smiled…I pulled out the double chin.


More language barrier.




We did a lot of yard work at the secondary school. Their trees now look more like trees and less like shrubs and overgrowth. PTL!


Angela, house mom of Casa 1. (She’s a baller)












Augustine. This was about the only picture I could get of him.




Martin. If there was a prank going down…he was usually a part of it.


Mexico was an amazing experience and I am so blessed that I got to be a part of it. God did amazing things in and through us while we were amongst these kids. There are so many more wonderful faces I was unable to capture on camera because my battery died. These kids were kind, fun and smart and they all had a wonderful zest for life. I went to Mexico to serve the people and what I found is that the people served me and taught me more about service than I had known. It is incredible. I thank God for this wonderful experience.


Learning to Serve,






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