Why, hello there blogging community! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, take my school schedule, my work schedule and the added wonder of a new school year at Whatcom Community College and Western Washington University, add them together and divide it by 24 and you have the unfortunate conclusion that I have had no time to blog. Life has been wonderful and amazing, taxing and stretching…but exceptionally relational.
I started this post today with a beautiful picture of Mirror Pond in Bend, Oregon. Bend is my hometown. It has been exactly one year since I have been in Bend and I am exceptionally sad about this fact, but I am filled with hope that I will one day be there again. One thing you cannot deny: Bend. Is. Beautiful. It’s true. It is sunny there 300 days of the year and I love it. This is Bend in fall. Another thing we must address is that fall is here. It arrived sometime in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and it settled in for the long haul . I’m not complaining because the changing of the leaves is a feast for the eyes of any and all. Stunning.

This is a picture of a trail next to Whatcom Community College. (Go Orcas!!) It is also beautiful here in Bellingham in the fall. I am enjoying the weather change and the whirly-swirly winds. And speaking of Bellingham, there is a lot going on here that I must tell you about. I love a good list on a Sunday morning, and so I will inform you of ‘the haps’ here in Good Ole’ Western Washington.

The Haps:

1. A new academic year has begun. Students arrived in droves in the middle of September. There are a lot of Freshman on campus. (They are easy to spot. Just look for the quizzical looks and young faces. Be careful, though- they spook easily) It has already been a busy and challenging year and there are really cool things happening across campus.

2. Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) has begun once again and on Friday nights, it’s a packed house, folks. CCF expanded permanently to two rooms this year and we see anywhere between 400-600 students on a Friday night. Arntzen Hall rooms 4 and 100 are being packed full of students and the Lord is being praised. So. Good.

3. CCF has also set up small groups across campus called Core Groups. They are organized by dorm rooms and there are even some off-campus cores, too! At Whatcom Community College, there are cores during the day so that students can attend between their classes! There are girls cores and guys cores and so all this year you will see people doing life together and reaching out to others on their campuses!

4. There has been a call this year to prayer on our campus and we are answering that call! There are going to be two prayer walks every Tuesday!! One is from 9:00-9:30. We will be meeting on campus at the flag poles by the Academic West Building, and we will go to Red Square, praying all the way. The other prayer walk is from 5:00-5:30 and we will be meeting in Red Square and heading to the flag poles. This gives us an opportunity to be in an amongst our peers and love on them in a very cool way.

5. Fall camp is coming up for CCF! If you are a college aged student and you want to come to this camp, do it! It’s a ton of fun. We spend 2 days completely devoted to loving God, learning from His word, being in fellowship and having fun. Got Homework? Don’t sweat it! There is a study hall on Saturday if you want to participate in that and get your work done. (You’ll get bonus points for being so diligent)


Well, that wraps up the summary of September, for ya. I’ll be back very soon (promise) with more information about the happenings on campus, causes worth fighting for and amazing things that students are doing to reach their generation.


Falling into Him,



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