Zoo-Sunday With Jackson Thomas

The last few weeks of my life I have been struggling with some pretty difficult stuff. My first inclination was to use the word heavy and in all reality the things I am going through are heavy…but I have not felt the weight of that. I have felt pressure, yes, and a good amount of emotional overload, but I have walked in the up-right and confident position because I know that My God Reigns. It’s a lovely feeling. 🙂 The battle I have been facing has really challenged me to fight with finesse instead of stealth. It has required scripture of epic proportions and a great amount of reminding myself that I am a daughter of the Most High God and nothing can take that from me. My identity is solid in Him and He loves me as I was, as I am and as I will be (when I grow up ;). So there’s the news from the battle field. It’s difficult but the victory is sure.

After a few weeks of fighting this battle, you can imagine my excitement when my super-swell boyfriend, Jack, decided to take me to the Zoo for our weekly Sunday-date-night. We were supposed to meet up with a friend of his at the zoo but that didn’t pan out–we got to see him afterward though! 🙂

It started with a car ride.

I put an almond in Jacks ear. I felt it was appropriate. 🙂














We made double chins.

















The Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Wa










This is my penguin friend. He was the only one swimming. All of his buddies were afraid to dive into the water.









These little guys were really cool. They’re so colorful!























I always knew that elephants were big…it’s just that…they’re SO BIG!!!














The Dino Exhibit!!!












It’s these moments that make me laugh the hardest. Bahahaha.

We topped the date off with some sour cream and onion crickets. It was really, really fun and we laughed a ton. Yummmm.


This is pretty standard for Jack and I. My heart is filled with joy when I see this picture.

That’s all folks. More from the battle field next week! 🙂






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